Team photo 2009 taken outside the Rose and Crown, Hose

How it all started

New St George Morris was formed in March 1998. At the time, a number of experienced dancers and a few enthusiastic newcomers were looking for somewhere to strut their stuff, so it seemed logical to start a new group.

The name of the team is taken from the RIchard Thompson song "The New St George". There's more information about this song on the Music page.

The new team performed in public for the first time on St George's Day, April 23rd 1999. After this beginning, rather than waiting for May 1st, which is the "official" start of the dancing season, we dance out for the first time each year on St George's Day.
We recently celebrated our tenth anniversary and are looking forward to the twentieth!

Regular events in our calendar include dancing at sunrise on the morning of May 1st, without which summer would not happen, and the Insomaniacs' Ale, which we run in partnership with our friends Lady Bay Revellers. This involves dancing all night and into the early hours of the morning: hence the name!
Ale badge design - you come, you get one!

Get your kit on!

The kit you can see in the photo above is worn by all members when dancing out, including George, our mascot. (Visit the Photos page for pictures of George… and the dragons!)
  • white shirt and trousers
  • red waistcoat bearing the shield of St George
  • white handkerchiefs with red crosses
  • red leather bell pads
  • red socks
  • white training shoes (red laces optional)
Where does it all happen?

We practice and learn new dances on Wednesday evenings at Hose Village Hall from 8pm till 10pm, whereupon we usually retreat to the Rose and Crown, our nearest pub, for a well-earned quaff. Click here for a Google map centred on Hose Village Hall.

We generally dance out in the local area, too, though we will happily travel to wherever there's a good bash!

Why do we do it?
  • It's fun
  • It keeps you fit
  • Everyone's friendly
  • Keeping our cultural heritage alive is important
  • It's a good excuse for a pint!
Get in touch if...
  • you fancy taking up the morris, or you've danced before and have recently moved into the area;
  • you want to book the team for an event;
  • you just want to know more!

Get social with us.

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"Leave the factory, leave the forge and dance to the New St George!" - Richard Thompson