The morris dances that originated in a particular village share common characteristics of style and figure, and are referred to collectively as a tradition. Click here for a map showing the villages and towns that spawned traditions.

The dances we do are taken from five main traditions (in red below), with a few waifs and strays from other traditions, because we like them! The dances usually require a set of 6 dancers - those that differ have the number written in square brackets, e.g. [8]. Morris jigs are for a solo dancer or are occasionally performed as a "dance-off" for two.


Bluebells of Scotland, Lads a’Bunchum, Beaux of London City, The Lollipop Man, Cobb’s Horse [8], The Black Joke, Sweet Jenny Jones, Lanlord Fill the Flowing Bowl.
Bluebells of Scotland


Jockey to the Fair, Princess Royal jig, The Lollipop Man.

Field Town (Leafield)

Old Molly Oxford (The Step-Back), Banks of the Dee, The Valentine, Balance The Straw, Shepherd’s Hey (Signposts), The Lass of Richmond Hill, Farewell My Dearest Nancy, Old Woman Tossed Up, Saturday Night, The Nutting Girl (jig).
Signposts (in silly mode)


Vandalls of Hammerwich [8], Ring o’Bells [8], Jenny Lind [8], Sherriff's Ride [8].
Vandalls of Hammerwich


Broad Cupid, Beaux of London City, Bean Setters.
Two sets facing off for Bored Stupid (sorry, Broad Cupid)

Other dances from various traditions

Bonny Green Garters [Bampton]: done to the tune of The New St George [2n]
The Upton-on-Severn Stick Dance [Upton-on-Severn]
The Alexandra Park Road Stick Dance, N22, which originally "belonged" to The Eclectics from London - see the Ally Pally page for more details...
Highland Mary, Banbury Bill [Bampton] 
Young Collins [Bledington]
Laudnum Bunches [Headington]
Skirmish [from anywhere we please, usually Adderbury or Field Town]
Lilliburlero [Ousington-In-The-Mud]

Oh—and various members of the team slip in some other jigs from time to time!

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"Leave the factory, leave the forge and dance to the New St George!" - Richard Thompson